Angus Preamp

BEEF UP your Ribbon, Dynamic or Tube Microphone with our noise free 18db phantom powered Angus. Simply plug the Angus into the bottom of your microphone, plug in your usual lead to the bottom of the Angus and apply phantom power, it is that easy. It will also prevent you from blowing your ribbon. At Beesneez, we have been working on this design since 2010, we are happy to say that we are extremely happy with the noise free result in a compact, user friendly package. This frequency response chart is a Shure Sm57 with and without the Angus.


We got the following review from the famous Michael Stavrou after he got his Angus: 

"Wow! I just plugged in my new Angus ribbon MIC adapter. Thank you Ben! You have given my favourite ribbon microphone a whole new lease on life. This Angus adapter of yours really beefs up the sound and makes it sound like new (from a volume point of view) and there is no extra noises. It's dead quiet. It's got its famous RCA DX 77 rich tone about it and now it'll work on any console without any special, impedance matching, gizmos. It's just fantastic.

Back in the day when they were invented and all consoles were engineered to work especially well with these mics I'm sure this is what they heard when they pushed up the fader. A nice clean rich tone. Angus not only gives the microphone a new lease on life but it forgives modern technology for straying away from discrete electronics and everything else that seems to have cheapened the input signal path."

Thank you so much Ben.
(I reckon it's cheap at twice the price.)

Michael Stavrou  (Stav)  -  Studio Stav
   and author of : Mixing With Your Mind - 
Closely guarded secrets of sound balance engineering - REVEALED