Tribute 5 (C12)


The BeesNeez Tribute 5 (c12) is our faithful Tribute to the AKG C12 Microphone that was introduced to the recording community in 1953.

The C12 is rightly considered by many to be amongst the best mirophones ever created and is thus worthy of a tribute.

The C12 is remembered for it's three dimensional sound characteristics and its very special high frequency capture. These sonic traits are very,difficult to reproduce namely becasue of the complex engineering behind the C12 microphones capsule the CK12.

Over the Decades, countless hits have been recorded with this wonderful microphone.

Like the c12, our Tribute has a wonderful 3 dimensional sound and great high end response largely due to our faithful re-creation of the CK12 microphone capsule.
It is built for a lifetime.  All made in our Australian factory. 

Weather or not you've heard the original, you are going to fall in love with the Tribute 5 (c12) Tribute