Tribute 4 M49 Microphone

The M49 is an international favourite, revered by many to be the best microphone ever made. For almost 70 years, the M49 has molded our listening by being used in countless millions of recordings, from the 50's right through to today. The M49 was the first microphone to utilise the slant grille technique, this allows the artist to further rely on their level of skill and reduces the sometimes unwanted proximity effect that is exhibited by microphones without the slant grille. 

Circuit Design

The transformer is the Beesneez BV-11 Transformer. The BV-11 audio transformer is hand made by Beesneez to the original specifications, in Australia. The BV11 was made famous by its use in the M49/M50 Microphone. We have chosen a PCB style pin bobbin that fits into a pcb or can be leaded, like the original. These are not mass produced, but rather are hand wound by Beesneez staff on our Beesneez premises with care and attention to each transformer. Our BV11 transformer is perfect for use in a DIY Microphone Build or for the professional microphone manufacturer. The audio grade laminations are very difficult to obtain, however we have been able to have these made in large quantities to our specifications. 

The Capsule in the Tribute 4 is the Beesneez M7 microphone capsule which is hand made in our Australian factory from the original gun barrel material that Neumann used more than 65 years ago. Until recently this material was not available, however lots of research and bulk buying has enabled us to have it re-made. The M7 was made famous in microphones such as the Neumann M49, U47 microphones also the Gefell CMV563 and many others since. The main reason for the popularity of this capsule is its realistic analogy of the source material, its great mathematic proximity and its sultry overtones. 

The tube in the Tribute 4 condenser microphone is a 6S6B-V Russian Military tube.

Sonic Characteristics

For those who have used and love the M49, the Tribute 4 will surpass every expection you have. For those who have not yet had the privlege of using and falling in love with an M49, to say silky smooth is an understatement. The Tribute 4 captures in a beautifully realistic way all sources put before it. 

Build Quality

The manufacture of this microphone takes manufacturing excellence to its limit. The body tube is turned and machined down from Bronze cast. We painstakingly hand press and cut the grilles, followed by hand mandrel forming of the top mesh rail. The unique swivel screw connector made only by Beesneez adds to the structural integrity and longevity of the Beesneez Tribute 4, the bakerlite and the turned gold pin connectors ensure many thousands of plug and unplugs, giving your microphone a very long life span. 

What’s Included:
– Tribute 4 Condenser Microphone

– Swivel Mount Connector and Lead

– BeesNeez Producer Series Power Supply

– Wooden Box


Capsule Type

BeesNeez M7 Microphone Capsule 

Frequency Range / Sensitivity

Omnidirectional (40 – 16,000Hz)
Cardioid (40 – 16,000Hz)
Bi-directional (40-16,000Hz)

Polar Pattern

9 – Switchable from omni- to bi- directional


200 Ohms


Max SPL: 125dB

Tube Type 6S6B-V Russian Tube

Power Requirements


Bang Bang - Sian Evans (Raw)

Bang Bang - Sian Evans 3-5db compression