Tribute 2 Condenser Microphone (ELA M251)

The Telefunken ELA M251 has earned the reputation of being the one of the best microphones ever made. Originally manufactured by AKG for the Telefunken company, the ELA M251 shares many characteristics with the AKG C12, but there are subtle differences which allow the 251 to develop its own character. In microphone specifications small electrical differences can equal large sonic differences, yet although similar in nature the ELA M251 and C12 sound very different.BeesNeez decided to build the Tribute 2 Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone to satisfy mounting pressure by our existing customers to build a microphone that would sound like the 251. Original construction of the 251 was quite modular. The original idea behind this was to allow for easy replacement of parts. This, though also introduces potential pin-to-pin issues that in themselves can create reliability issues and of course over time, these issues have rendered many 251’s into an irreparable state.

Circuit Design

The capsule in the Tribute 2 is the Beesneez Microphones CK12 capsule. Like the original AKG CK12 this multi chambered capsule is without doubt the most complicated capsule available and the accuracy that is achieved is only possible with the best possible machining and care. Each CK12 capsule is entirely manufactured, hand lapped and diaphragmed by Ben Sneesby personally. It is important for all processes to be done by one person to ensure that accuracy is maintained from beginning to end. This CK12 capsule can be used as a direct swap into your AKG c12, for DIY microphone builds or by professional microphone manufacturers.The components used by Beesneez Microphones are simply unmatched in noise and performance. Because of the high accuracy of the machines owned by Beesneez the sonic delivery of the CK12 capsule is perfect. 

 The transformer in the Tribute 2 is a 13:1 tape wound mumetal toroidal transformer. The advantage of this transformer for this type of microphone is that we were able to reduce turn count and increase wire size, thus reducing DCR [DC resistance], while maintaining correct impedance conversion. The benefits of using a toroidal transformer are many, though with benefits come difficulties. If a toroidal transformer is made well, its specifications are simply unbeatable, as the entire core is encased by the windings leaving no area open for leakage. However, the core must be large enough to ensure it doesn’t saturate too early. Our core size, though quite large, still make a reasonably compact toroidal transformer that is perfect for this microphone. Its characteristics are very smooth with no frequency ring or non-linear response within the listening curve. We use pure copper to wind these toroidals and each one is painstakingly wound by our BeesNeez staff in our BeesNeez factory.

The tube in the Tribute 2 condenser microphone is a 6S6B-V Russian Military tube. We have chosen this tube due to its low noise and sonic similarities to the Telefunken AC701k.

Sonic Characteristics

The Tribute 2 has been designed to capture the smooth nature of teh origianal 251 Microphone. The sound is very open and present but still has an amaxing smoothness to it. This sound has been made famous by many recordings over the decades. 

Build Quality

A properly working, reasonable condition ELA M251 will cost up to and in excess of $30,000 USD. The Beesneez Tribute 2 was not designed to be a clone or copy microphone. But instead was designed to faithfully recreate the sonic characteristics of the ELA M251, as a "Tribute", at a fraction of the price. When you add to that the benefits of modern mechanical engineering you have a microphone that with the proper care will have no limit to its life expectancy. The Tribute 2 body tube is made from a single piece of cold-formed 380 grade brass tube. We love using the 380 grade brass tube in this particular microphone because the high copper content in the 380 tube provides excellent rejection and shielding. After machining the body, it is sent to a local powder coater for completion. The head grille is cut from bronze cast and machined to a mirror finish. The mesh windows are them removed during the same process before the head grille is sent off for medical-grade nickel plating. The base, like the body tube, is made from 380 grade brass. However, this time it’s a solid brass round that we cut and form in our very own 8-axis turning center. Our proprietary swivel mount connector features a gold-pinned Bakerlite socket. Our pins are turned rather than pressed. The advantage here is a lifetime of connection without degradation.

What’s Included:
– Tribute 2 Condenser Microphone
– Swivel Mount Connector and Lead
– BeesNeez Producer Series Power Supply

– Wooden Box


Capsule Type

BeesNeez CK12 Microphone Capsule

Frequency Range / Sensitivity

Omnidirectional (17mV/Pa: 20 – 20,000Hz)
Cardioid (17 mV/Pa: 20– 20,000Hz)
Bi-directional (17mV/Pa: 20-20,000Hz)

Polar Pattern

9 – Switchable from omni- to bi- directional


200 Ohms


Max SPL: 130dB

Tube Type

6S6B-V Russian Military Tube

Power Requirements


If you are interested in a flexible layby option, please email for details,