LULU FET KM84 Style Small Diaphragm Condenser

The Lulu fet is a small diaphragm condenser microphone that is exceptionally quiet and provides a smooth faithful reproduction of high frequencies. Our main objective when creating the Lulu was to bring back to life the incredible sound capture quality of the Neuman KM84. Even though this microphone is no longer made, we at Beesneez believe it to be the best small diaphragm condenser of all time. Whether you are recording guitars or micing a room the Lulu fet will lighten the load by minimising the need for extensive audio post processing. Unlike many other manufacturer or assembly companies we feel that this factor alone should be a major consideration when designing any new microphones. Whether orchestral, sound staging, ADR or studio work, the Lulu may well be one of the best audio capture decisions you have ever made. 

Each Kit contains:

1 x Lulu Fet

1 x Shock Mount

Bang Bang - Sian Evans (Guitar, Lulus, Plus Oliver and Elly for room RAW)

Bang Bang -Sian Evans (Guitar, Lulus, Plus Oliver and Elly for room Processed)

Bang Bang - Sian Evans (Guitar Processed)

Bang Bang - Sian Evans (Guitar Raw)