Oliver Fet Condenser Microphone K7 (K47) Capsule

The music industry today does not just revolve around million dollar studios and high budget equipment. Many Beesneez customers have asked us to manufacture a no-nonsense affordable yet not gritty and spitty microphone, that has a low cost price. With a Beesneez Microphones K7 capsule you will be getting the U47 Fet "like" frequency response in a well packaged, transformerless microphone. Now you can own an all Australian made microphone with a chinese price tag. No other microphone in the market can boast the performance or origin of the Oliver Fet.


This is a great all rounder mic as it can be used as a vocal and voice over microphone, also equally at home on instruments and rooms. You will not be disappointed.

Bang Bang - Sian Evans (Raw)

Bang Bang -Sian Evans (Processed 3-5db Compression)

Acoustic Guitar