Lulu Tube SDC KM54 Style PAIR

The Lulu Tube is the result of much research and development. The benchmark for this mic was the Neumann KM54 Microphone.  Like the LuLu Fet microphone, we wanted to capture realistic, un-hyped sound.  We also wanted to add to this, the smooth and harmonically rich sound of tube based electronics. The LuLu Tube Microphone sets a new standard in a market that is saturated with rebranded OEM Microphones. If you are a LuLu fet owner, you will absolutely love the Lulu Tube, it will be a great addition to your mic cabinet and has not been deigned to replace your LuLu Fet mics but rather to compliment them.  Now you have a mic with the same frequency reponse as your Lulu fet mics but with the added beauty and girth of a tube microphone. 

.Circuit Design

The Lulu Tube features our very own designed Beesneez E-Core single-spool transformer. The E-Core transformer in this microphone offers us the advantage of a low-leakage transformer and a small physical size. We have also found during our testing phase that E-Core transformers such as this one offer a lower susceptibility to core magnetization. When a core becomes magnetized, the lamination permeability is reduced. Many phantom-powered microphones that do not have carefully chosen transformers over the years become magnetized and the functionality of the transformer is drastically reduced.

The capsule in the Lulu Tube is our version of the Neumann KK84, exhibiting the same flat frequency response as the original.

The tube in the Oliver Cardioid is a JAN 5784WB Raytheon

Sonic Characteristics 

The LuLu Tube Small diaphragm Condenser Microphone reacts to a sound in a forgiving and almost human manner.  The replication is immaculate and the warmth is unmistakable. Based on the original KM54, that is still found used all over the world today because of it very flat and forgiving nature.  

Build Quality

The Lulu Tube body tube is made from brass. After machining the body, it gets sent to a local powder coater for completion.

What’s Included:
– 2 x Lulu Tube  Small Diaphragm Condenser Microphones

- 2 x Cardioid Power Supply

– 2 x Shock Mount

- 1 x Wooden Box

Many Beesneez owners love using just one PSU, so now you can add any single pattern microphone to your locker without having to purchase another PSU.


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