Judas Ribbon Microphone

Until now, ribbon microphones of this quality have been priced far beyond the reach of many recording professionals. The BeesNeez Judas ribbon microphone will outperform, outlast, and impress even the most critical customer. For decades, experienced engineers and artists have turned to ribbon microphones for their realistic sound and incredible warmth. The BeesNeez Judas sets the new modern standard at a great price without compromise. Like many of it’s predecessors, the Judas ribbon microphone has a clear and flat frequency response and the output is a little hotter than most, due to the superiority of great modern components.

Circuit Design

The Judas started its life as a straight ribbon microphone. However, over time, we found the need to create an exceptional phantom-powered circuit for the Judas. Why did we choose to do this? There were two reasons. Firstly, residual phantom power from preamplifiers, even after the switch was turned off, was still present, thus occasionally blowing out the ribbon element. which we would then need to replace. The use of a phantom-powered circuit removes any chance of ribbon damage. Our second reason for our exceptional push-pull phantom circuit is that many of our customers wanted condenser-like output with no noise. Our circuit does exactly this.

The element in the Judas is cut from a tape roll of pure aluminium. We then crimp and fix it to our neodimium magnet assembly.

Sonic Characteristics

The clear and flat frequency response makes the mix phase a dream by remaining punchy and defined in the mix with minimum post processing. The Judas ribbon microphone has long been loved for its realistic and not overly-processed sound. It is a raw and simple microphone that is very effective and pleasant-sounding.

Build Quality

The Judas body tube is made from a single piece of cold-formed 380 grade brass tube. We love using the 380 grade brass tube in this particular microphone because the high copper content in the 380 tube provides excellent rejection and shielding. After machining the body, it is sent to a local powder coater for completion. The base, like the body tube, is made from 380 grade brass. However, this time it’s a solid brass round that we cut and form in our very own 8-axis CNC turning center. The head grille is integrated in the body tube, by cutting windows into the body tube. This creates a more stable and rigid design drastically minimizing the self-noise of the structure, as ribbon microphones require rigid construction to not ring when they are touched.

What’s Included:
– Judas Ribbon Microphone

– Shock Mount


Ribbon Type

Pure Aluminium Ribbon, set between neodimium magnets and a metal frame

Frequency Range / Sensitivity

Bidirectional (14.1 mV/Pa: 30 – 15000Hz)


150 ohms


Max SPL: 135 dB
Self-noise: 20.0 dB(A)

Power Requirements

Phantom Voltage 48 4v

If you are interested in a flexible layby option, please email for details, veronica@beesneezmicrophones.com.au