Judas Tube Ribbon Microphone

Like the BeesNeez Judas Ribbon Microphone, the BeesNeez Judas Tube  Ribbon Microphone is set to become an international favorite.  Finally, an international first, a Tube Ribbon Microphone  that not only sounds phenomenal but set’s a new benchmark in price and quality.

For decades, experienced engineers and artists have turned to ribbon microphones for their realistic sound and incredible warmth.  During this time though, many have struggled to use these mics on certain sources due to the low output of the microphone which has meant the need for high gain preamps not just adding the needed output but additional noise too.

The BeesNeez Judas Tube ribbon microphone employs a head amp that is whisper quiet, we have designed it also to not exhibit the usual tubey characteristics that would likely overpower the amazing sound of the microphone.  The Tubes in the BeesNeez Judas Tube microphone are Raytheon 5703WB's triode.

Like many of its predecessors, the BeesNeez Judas Tube Ribbon Microphone has a clear and flat frequency response but as for comparison, this is where it stops.   The condenser like output of the Judas Tube opens to the user a whole new world of ribbon possibilities, coupling that with the superiority of great modern components such as the neo magnets and the implemented Lundahl and Cinemag transformer, we have been able to create an end product of a standard that simply was not available during the height of ribbon popularity.

One thing that makes this ribbon microphone truely amazing is its balanced fully differential signal flow from ribbon to pre-amp imput (we maintain a balanced signal chain all the way through the rest is up to you). This is a unique feature that you will only find in the Judas Tube microphone. It is amazing to think that such a physically small size microphone can contain two tubes and three audio transformers, but Ben has managed to do it. The end result; one of a kind.

Until now, ribbon microphones of this quality have been priced far beyond mere mortals.  The BeesNeez Judas Tube will outperform, outlast and impress even the most critical customer.

The entire BeesNeez Judas Tube is made in our Australian factory, starting with brass rod, we turn and mill the body using our 4 axis CNC Turning Centre, we then etch prime and spray the body and ends.  The assembly is then baked in our oven (yes the type that you can cook in!!).  While the body and internals are baking we assemble the ribbon motor and ribbon.  Every ribbon is cut and pressed to exacting standards ensuring the best possible result, every time.

The BeesNeez Judas tube is at home recording Brass and Wind instruments, guitar cabs and sounds stellar as a room mic or drum overhead, where though it comes into its own, due to its superior head amp design is with the myriad of other sources that previously was not possible such as whisper quiet vocal tracks etc. The clear and flat frequency response coupled with the condenser like output level makes the mix phase a dream by remaining punchy and defined in the mix with minimum post processing.


   Acoustic Operating Principle: Electrodynamic pressure gradient with vacuum tube

   Vacuum Tube: JAN mil-spec 5703WB Triode

   Polar Pattern: Figure-8

   Generating Element: 2.6-micron aluminum ribbon

   Magnets: Rare Earth Neodymium

   Frequency Response: 30 -15,000 Hz +/- 3dB

   Sensitivity: -36 dB (re. 1v/pa +/- 1 dB)

   Self-Noise: < 18 dB

   Output Impedance: 150 Ohms, balanced

   Rated Load Impedance: 1 K-Ohm

   Maximum SPL: >135dB SPL @ 20 Hz

Power Requirements: Plate supply: 220 VDC, Filament supply: 5.6 VDC

If you are interested in a flexible layby option, please email for details, veronica@beesneezmicrophones.com.au