Isobel Large Diaphragm Fet Microphone


Low self noise, all Australian Made, fast transient response, Great Sound!

What does it sound like?  In the 1980's, the Neumann U87 dominated the market and became the go to Phantom Powered Fet microphone.  Also during this time, The AKG C414 held it's own as another great sounding alternative.  Neither of these mics were bright or gritty but were well balanced.  You can not beat the sound of a good old original U87.  This was the inspiration for the Isobel sound. 

The isobel has very detailed mids and highs but no grit.  We make ALL of the mechanical parts right here in our Australian factory using only the best Brass and Bronze and the end result speaks for itself.

So many microphone these days have a gritty and harsh tone, especially in the upper mids and highs. this is due to the materials and manufacturing techniques of these microphones.  Many microphones come out of Asia and even though they may then be assembled in other countries, the materials used in the manufacturing of the parts largely contribute to the sound.

We first released the Isobel with the BeesNeez CK12 capsule but soon decided that the stability of the BeesNeez K6 (K67) was a better match for the circuit.

If you are interested in a flexible layby option, please email for details,

Bang Bang - Sian Evans (Raw)

Bang Bang - Sian Evans (3-5db Compression)