Arabella Condenser Microphone K7 (K47) Capsule

The Arabella, is a tube condenser microphone, that shares lineage with a few classics, namely the Neumann U47 and M49, and has been designed to take the best of each to make an extremely versatile condenser microphone.

Circuit Design

The transformer in the Arabella is a BeesNeez 6.5:1 toroidal transformer, handmade in Australia. The core for this transformer we make from Ni78 permalloy and encase this in a 0.2mm plastic toroidal casing to protect the windings. The benefits of using a toroidal transformer are many, though with benefits come difficulties. If a toroidal transformer is made well, its specifications are simply unbeatable, as the entire core is encased by the windings leaving no area open for leakage. However, the core must be large enough to ensure it doesn’t saturate too early. Our core size, though quite large, still make a reasonably compact toroidal transformer that is perfect for this microphone. Its characteristics are very smooth with no frequency ring or non-linear response within the listening curve. We use pure copper to wind these toroidals and each one is painstakingly wound by our BeesNeez staff in our BeesNeez factory.

The capsule in the Arabella is the BeesNeez K7 capsule, which is a perfect replica of the K47. This is a single backplate capsule made famous by Georg Neumann & Co. The difficulties in reproducing a capsule like this is that it has both blind and through holes. The correlation between these holes controls the pattern via absolute distance and is quite mathematically complex due to having only a single backplate. Other capsules with two backplates are much easier for pattern control in the design phase as the standing wave end point is a solid object [the opposing backplate] rather than a moving diaphragm. The diaphragm is 6 micron DuPont mylar that we personally frame, sputter, tune, and fix to the backplate, which we also wholly manufacture.

The tube in the Arabella is a Russian 6ZH8. This is the Russian equivalent of the American 6SJ7 or the Special Red 5693 vacuum tube.

Sonic Characteristics

With the Arabella, we wanted to create something different. Our goal was to capture the essence of the venerable U47/U48, with the versatility and build quality of the M49. The Arabella met, and in many cases exceeded, every expectation that we set out to achieve in the beginning. Sonically, we wanted to create a microphone that had a sense of cochlear linearity TM, i.e. hearing and creating an amplified analogy of what we hear. The Arabella is a great classic sounding microphone that is a real go-to, great for male and female vocals and natural sounding rooms, and it can take a real beating on drums or amp cabs. Often, when we are asked what the Arabella sounds like, we say that “it’s like a mansion with the entire front wall missing, open and huge with a classic expensive sound.”

Build Quality

Very few manufacturers control all aspects of their manufacture. We are one. We do not purchase any major components, i.e. head grilles, bodies, capsules, diaphragms, transformers, etc., as these are all made in-house. The Arabella body tube is turned from a food grade bore casing [brass]. We chose this particular type of brass due to its superior machine ability and durability. After machining the body, it is sent to a local powder coater for completion. The head grille is cut from bronze cast and machined to a mirror finish. The mesh windows are then removed during the same process before the head grille is sent off for medical-grade nickel plating. The base is made from 380 grade brass. It’s a solid brass round that we cut and form in our very own 8-axis turning center. Our proprietary swivel mount connector features a gold-pinned Bakerlite socket. Our pins are turned rather than pressed. The advantage here is a lifetime of connection without degradation.

What’s Included:
– Arabella Condenser Microphone
– Swivel Mount Connector and Lead
– BeesNeez Producer Series Power Supply
– Wooden Box


Capsule Type

BeesNeez K7 Microphone Capsule [K47]

Frequency Range / Sensitivity

Omnidirectional (40 – 17,000Hz)
Cardioid (40 – 17,000Hz)
Bi-directional (40-17,000Hz)

Polar Pattern

9 – Switchable from omni- to bi- directional


150 Ohms


Max SPL: 125dB

Tube Type


Power Requirements


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