M49 Clone BM49

m49 clone 1

Like the original Neumann M49 our BM49 shares the same physical size and sonic characteristics of its namesake. Our primary focus in this microphone has been to keep it sonically true to the original M49. The end result has been a smooth and sultry microphone that can tame even the wildest vocalist and help your recording to sound finished even before post processing. Internally the BM49 uses the Beesneez Microphones M7 capsule, which is a direct replica of the original M7, Beesneez transformer and a New Old Stock Russian tube 6s6b-v, which behaves very much like the AC701k. Many clones of this quality can cost you 3-4 times as much.

The BM49 ships with the Beesneez Microphones PSU and Cable.

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