C12 Clone BC12

When we think of classic microphones the c12 definatly comes to mind. Originally designed in Austria by AKG in the early 1950’s the c12 suprised the market with its smooth airy sound. The Beesneez C12 Clone, is part of our commitment to the music industry to bring affordable recording microphones to the market. The incredible price is no reflection of the quality of the microphone, which is made in the beautiful coastal town of Ballina NSW Australia. Like its original counterpart the Beesneez C12 will not disappoint as the Beesneez CK12 Capsule and swivel mount connector make this a perfect clone microphone.

Circuit Design

The transformer in the Beesneez C12 Clone is our Beesneez E-Core single-spool transformer. The E-Core transformer in this microphone offers us the advantage of a low-leakage transformer and a small physical size. We have also found during our testing phase that E-Core transformers such as this one offer a lower susceptibility to core magnetization. When a core becomes magnetized, the lamination permeability is reduced. Many phantom-powered microphones that do not have carefully chosen transformers over the years become magnetized and the functionality of the transformer is drastically reduced.

The Capsule in the C12 Clone is naturally the Beesneez CK12 Capsule. Like the original AKG CK12 this multi chambered capsule is without doubt the most complicated capsule available and the accuracy that is achieved is only possible with the best possible machining and care. Each CK12 capsule is entirely manufactured, hand lapped and diaphragmed by Ben Sneesby personally. It is important for all processes to be done by one person to ensure that accuracy is maintained from beginning to end. This CK12 capsule can be used as a direct swap into your AKG c12, for DIY microphone builds or by professional microphone manufacturers.The components used by Beesneez Microphones are simply unmatched in noise and performance. Because of the high accuracy of the machines owned by Beesneez the sonic delivery of the CK12 capsule is perfect. 

The tube is a 12AV7 NOS military tube, which will help you to capture the real C12 sound, with a smooth top end, natural and realistic midrange, you will be creating classic sounds like those of yesteryear. 

Sonic Characteristics

Sonically the  Beesneez C12 Clone is true a clone of the original. This sound is never aging and though many have tried to match its grace, it still stands as a clear winner if you are looking for an airy and smooth microphone sound. Considered by many industry professionals to be one of the finest sounding microphones ever produced. It is not surprising to see that many original C12’s are still being used every day. 

Build Quality

The Beesneez C12 Clone body is made from brass tube. The base is turned from 380 grade solid brass round that we cut and form in our very own 8-axis turning center. Our proprietary swivel mount connector features a gold-pinned Bakerlite socket. Our pins are turned rather than pressed. The advantage here is a lifetime of connection without degradation.

What’s Included:
– Beesneez C12 Clone Microphone
– Swivel Mount Connector and Lead
– BeesNeez  Power Supply
– Wooden Box


Capsule Type

BeesNeez CK12 Microphone Capsule

Frequency Range / Sensitivity

Omnidirectional (10mV/Pa: 20 – 20,000Hz) +/-3dB
Cardioid (10 mV/Pa: 20 – 20,000Hz) +/-3dB

Bi-directional (10mV/Pa: 20-20,000Hz)+/-3dB

Polar Pattern

9 – Switchable from omni- to bi- directional


250 Ohms


Max SPL: 130dB

Tube Type

12AV7 NOS Military Tube

Power Requirements


 The C12 can also be sold as a cardioid only microphone, depending on your preference. 

*In Stock and ready for shipping 

*Existing Beesneez Microphone Customers who have a mulit-Pattern Power Supply can choose to purchase just the single microphone and use their existing PSU

Stefan Nowack -Piano