Microphone Ranges

Beesneez Microphones have three series in their range. 

Tribute Series

group 4

Producer Series

group 2

The Tribute Series

 The BeesNeez Tribute Series microphones have the same sonic characteristics as the classics, but also benefit from the added addition of Beesneez ingenuity. The end result is, the same character, same sonic capturing, more features and improved build quality. 

The Tribute Series brings all of this together into a beautifully presented microphone, that is going to stand the test of time

The Producer Series 

All Producer Series microphones are manufactured by hand in the Beesneez factory. The Producer Series is our flagship line, the Beesneez Microphone body and head grille is made in house, from all Australian materials and are built to last a lifetime. Our head grilles are turned from solid bronze to give the best combination of strength and sonic qualities. Our body is turned from high quality food grade brass bore casing material. The powder coating has a suede finish, which protects the metal and gives the microphone a gorgeous look and feel. These truly are beautiful boutique microphones of unrivaled quality. 

At Beesneez we believe that a microphone should be like a beautiful piece of jewelry. From the moment that you open the box it should shine and sound incredible and be something that you are proud to show your friends and something that adds class and style to the studio. 

Studio Series

group 1

The Studio Series

The Studio Series caters to the needs of both professional and home recording studios. Now everyone can purchase the highest quality microphones at a price that they are able to afford. No, you will not be buying a microphone that has been put together from inferior Asian parts, all Studio Series microphones are made in the BeesNeez Microphones factory.

BeesNeez Microphones have been able to achieve bringing the Studio Series to market at these prices through clever production techniques. Which is only made possible by owning high quality machines to reduce manufacture time and cost.

Ben has been careful to ensure that the range brings with it many different sounds in both tube and ribbon microphones. No other manufacturer has achieved such an incredible range of high quality microphones at these prices.