Beesneez K7 - (K47) Microphone Capsule

The BeesNeez K7 microphone capsule is hand made in our factory in NSW Australia.  Capsule manufacture is a true art and although many claims are made by others to make capsules it is easy to recognise the ones that do. All Beesneez capsules are designed to be used as a replacement or DIY capsule. Through years of development we have re-created what is one of the best capsules ever made.

 The BeesNeez K7 capsule, which is a perfect replica of the K47. This is a single backplate capsule made famous by Georg Neumann & Co. The difficulties in reproducing a capsule like this is that it has both blind and through holes. The correlation between these holes, controls the pattern and frequency response and is quite mathematically complex due to having only a single backplate. Other capsules with two backplates are much easier for pattern control in the design phase as the standing wave end point is a solid object [the opposing backplate] rather than a moving diaphragm. 

The BeesNeez K7 capsule is made onsite in our factory and hand lapped before the diaphragm is carefully tuned and assembled.

The 6 micron Dupont mylar is framed, sputtered, tuned and fixed right here in our shop. One thing that sets the Beesneez K7 apart from others is the determination to bring to the market a truely Australian made product. Most chinese capsules use 3 micron mylar, but this is not original and will not yield the same results. We know that you will not be disappointed.

*Please note that the saddle and mount are included.