Beesneez CK12 Microphone Capsule

The Beesneez CK12 capsule is the result of a lot of hard work and we are proud to be to bring to market a historically accurate CK12 capsule. Like the original AKG CK12 this multi chambered capsule is without doubt the most complicated capsule available and the accuracy that is achieved is only possible with the best possible machining and care. Each CK12 capsule is entirely manufactured, hand lapped personally by the Beesneez Team with care and attention.This CK12 capsule can be used as a direct swap into your AKG C12 or for DIY microphone builds. The Beesneez CK12 is also available in large quantities. 

The 6 micron Dupont mylar is framed, sputtered, tuned and fixed right here in our shop. One thing that sets the Beesneez CK12 apart from others is the determination to bring to the market a truely Australian made product. We know that you will not be disappointed.

*Please note that the saddle and mount are included.