Beesneez ELA M251 DIY Microphone Body Kit

This body kit will suit the needs of a DIY'er who wants to build a ELA M251 style microphone.

The Kit includes:

1 x Microphone body tube made from food grade bore casing. The body tube can be in the 251 colour as pictured or you can choose any of the Beesneez colours (other colours are available at an extra cost)

1 x Head Grille made from bronze.

1 x Base made from brass

1 x Top plate made from brass

2 x Rails made from Stainless Steel

1 x Capsule saddle

1 x Capsule Mount

After adding the body kit to your cart for purchase you will be able to save further by adding these options as part of a bundle.


Beesneez CK12 $400 

Mic Leads:

6m Lead  and connector $150