Beesneez C12 DIY Microphone Body Kit

This body kit will suit the needs of a DIY'er who wants to build a C12 style microphone.

The Kit includes:

1 x Microphone body tube made from food grade bore casing and powder coated

1 x Head Grille made from bronze.

1 x Base made from brass

1 x Top plate made from brass

2 x Rails made from Stainless Steel

1 x Capsule saddle

1 x Capsule Mount

After adding the body kit to your cart for purchase you will be able to save further by adding these options as part of a bundle, to fully complete your microphone build.

Circuit Board and Components:

Circuit and components $100


Beesneez CK12 $400 

OEM K67 Capsule $80

Beesneez K6 Capsule $320

Shock Mount $70  

Mic Leads:

6m Lead $40

Redco 3m Lead $90

PURCHASE NOW $499 aud (gst not included for Australian customers only) ON SALE $399 aud