Beesneez B - BV12 Audio Transformer

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This classic re-creation of the BV12 transformer is hand made by Beesneez Microphones in Australia. The BV12 when initially created was something new and not previously attempted in a microphone transformer. The thing that made this transformer so special was the addition of a low impedance tertiary winding. The addition of this winding made it possible for the designer/manufacturer using this transformer to manipulate any selected frequency in an accumulative or subtractive manner, giving excellent manipulation to the output frequency of the microphone. This type of manipulation was previously and in most cases even today still is usually accomplished with capacitors and resistors, the down side of this is a lack of control and unnatural realisation of sound. Our BV12 is the answer if you are looking for a natural sounding manipulatable output transformer, such as is used in the U67 microphone.