Beesneez B - BV08 Audio Transformer DIY or Replacement

                        BEESNEEZ TRANSFORMERS

              Taking transformer manufacture to the next level of quality

  Made to the original factory specifications of the Neumann BV8.

The UI30/25 lamination size was specifically developed for use only in audio applications. Due to the quantity needed this lamination can be very difficult to have made. The audio grade lamination material we are using we has been specifically made for this application, to ensure consistency and quality. We also seal the windings and laminations to prevent any acoustic resonance. 

The end result has been a beautiful sound that is not bright or mushy. 

This transformer screams 1950’s!!!

Technical Specs:

Specs:40 to 20kHz +/-0.5 dB.

6.5:1 ratio with 2 x 1300 to 200 turns

Output impedance; 200 Ohm (switchable to 50 Ohm)