Beesneez 13:1 Toroidal Audio Transformer

 This is a 13:1 tape wound mumetal toroidal transformer. The advantage of this transformer for this type of microphone is that we were able to reduce turn count and increase wire size, thus reducing DCR [DC resistance], while maintaining correct impedance conversion. The benefits of using a toroidal transformer are many, though with benefits come difficulties. If a toroidal transformer is made well, its specifications are simply unbeatable, as the entire core is encased by the windings leaving no area open for leakage. However, the core must be large enough to ensure it doesn’t saturate too early. Our core size, though quite large, still make a reasonably compact toroidal transformer. Its characteristics are very smooth with no frequency ring or non-linear response within the listening curve. We use pure copper to wind these toroidals and each one is painstakingly wound by our BeesNeez staff in our BeesNeez factory.

This transformer is especially useful in smooth bright tube microphones such as the 251, C800 and C12

Size: 40 x 20 x 15mm