This page is dedicated to artists who are using Beesneez Microphones. It is a place where you can promote yourself or your new album. If you would like to be included please provide us with a photo, songs and a little about who you are. 


"Lyttelton, New Zealand based country musicians Delaney Davidson and Marlon Williams have won Best Country Album for their collaborative release Sad but True - The Secret History of Country Music Songwriting Vol. 1 andBest Country Song for 'Bloodletter' from the same record at the APRA Country Music Awards. The Beesneez Mahalia microphone that was used extensively on the record was salvaged from earthquake rubble after the devastating Christchurch Earthquake of February 22, 2011. Ben Edwards of The Sitting Room lost his recording studio and all but a few pieces of equipment to the quake; the microphone was one lucky survivor. Ben used the mic, along with whatever else he could beg or borrow and continued to produce albums out of a condemned house in Christchurch. 'Sad But True' is one of those albums and the Beesneez Mahalia was 'THE' staple mic for the record. All drums on the album were recorded with two mics only; 1 x OH (Mahalia) and 1 x kick. The magic of the Mahalia is used on every instrument and every vocal track, of every song on this award winning album.... Sad But True Vol 2 & 3 are being mixed as we speak so please keep an eye and ear out for them! Thanks Beesneez for your love and support!"

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Introducing Paul Smithuis a flute player from the Netherlands that plays contemporary (pop) music. After the release of his fourth album entitled "Everything Starts with a Melody" his star is  rising. The album was recorded with the Beesneez Mahalia. For more infomation please visit Paul's website

If you want to hear more of Paul's work, his songs can be downloaded at.